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You might have just a few hours or just a weekend to spend in Atlanta, you are never going to be bored. There are so many things to do in Atlanta – there are many family friendly opportunities, cultural destinations, outdoor adventure activities, excellent food scene and amazing shopping destinations. Your stay in Atlanta will be full of activities – explore the city and enjoy your stay.

There are several sightseeing opportunities in the city. You can start your trip by visiting the –

Piedmont Park – This is situated close to the Atlanta Botanical Garden and the best place to pinic with your family and friends. Just pack some of your favorite dishes and set off for the park. There are paths for jogging, biking and walking. For the sports lovers, there are specific areas for playing soccer and bocce.

Centennial Olympic Park – A perfect place where you can take your children along to spend some happy moments! This beautiful park is now the venue for many festivities. There are water shows held at regular intervals. Pools, fountains, grass paths and artwork are some major attractions of this park.

Stone Mountain Park – This Park is spread over an area of 3,200 acres. It includes a number of family friendly attractions. Tourists visit the place for its many hiking trails, golf courses, wildlife preserve and more. This is one of the most picturesque parks of the region, with several kid friendly amenities.

Atlanta Botanical Garden – One of the best spots to spend your day, especially for those who love plants! The garden is spread out over an area of 30 acres. It includes an edible garden, an outdoor kitchen, children’s park and more. Another attraction is the Fuqua Orchid Center which is the place where you can find some of the most unique orchids.

Besides these major attractions, plan a visit to the following places, as you spend your time in the city:

  • Chattahoochee River – Spend a few hours on this river. The river area offers some of the best outdoor activities of the region. It is an opportunity to spend relaxed moments on the water, as you gaze through the wonderful terrain.
  • Tour CNN Studios – You have watched CNN news on Television – now, you can watch how the new unfolds and that too Live. There are special CNN Studio tours, where you get to see every bit of the studio and understand how news is reported. You might even have the opportunity to meet some of your favorite CNN hosts.
  • Delta Flight Museum – Those who love to soar the skies and learn everything about flights and planes, this is the place to visit. This museum has some of the rare planes of past eras. There is a guided tour where you can glide through the premises. Learn more about the technology and check the exhibits as you spend time in the museum.
  • Mercedes Benz Stadium – Sports lovers paradise! Witness some of the most high energy concerts or enjoy the daily tours which are available.
  • Krog Street Market – This is the place for food lovers or those in search of local delicacies. This is the place where you will find almost any food you crave for. Do not miss out the amazing beverage section which is the most popular among the tourists.

Visit Atlanta city and spend a memorable vacation!

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What to do in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is best known for its amazing canal network, its extraordinary culture, rich history and its great weather! If you plan to visit the city, any time of the year is probably the best for you. Just step into the tourist paths of the city and unravel the most rewarding experiences. Visit Amsterdam, anytime of the year and you are not going to miss anything. Amsterdam offers plenty of attractions, free entry zones and convenient transportation for tourists throughout the day.

Bikers Paradise –

Do you know that an integral part of Amsterdam lifestyle is cycling? The city has more than 800,000 – bikers love to navigate quickly through the network of different cycle routes. Amsterdam is said to be one of the most cycle friendly cities – if you are looking forward to a unique way to explore this lovely city, grab a cycle and start pedaling your way through the city streets and other attractions.

Wandering Into Jordaan:


This is said to be one of the best neighborhoods of the city. The narrow streets of Jordaan, the lovely quaint buildings, the courtyard gardens, the rich antique shops and some of the best restaurants and bars of the city are located in this neighborhood. Carry your maps with you or you might just get lost in the narrow lanes which sprawl throughout. You will love the amazing shopping experience in the city.

The City of Museums:


Your visit to Amsterdam shall be incomplete without a visit to the many museums. Van Gogh Museum is one of the top tourist attractions. Rijksmuseum and the Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art are equally popular among the tourists. Oud Zuid is famous amongst the art lovers, who do not miss spending a day in the museums and galleries.

Natural Parks – Place To Rewind and Relax:

There are a number of parks in the city – meet new people and spend leisure hours with your family and friends in the lovely parks of the city. Vondelpark is located in the southern region just a few minutes from the Rijksmuseum. This is one of the most visited parks of the city, known for its greenery and amazing natural beauty. Westerpark is another attraction located just in the centre of the city. The park offers a lot for tourists which include a bakery, a zoo, restaurants and also a cinema.

Squares In Amsterdam – The Hub of All Activities:

The squares in Amsterdam are the best symbols of character and activity. Dam Square is open and is known for its major attractions. The Square has the best departmental store, it has the Palace of King and includes some of the major attractions of the city. Some of the old markets which include Noordermarkt, Westermarkt and Nieuwmarkt are located in the region. This is one of those spots which are loved by the tourists due to the special character of the place.

Visit The Oude Kerk:

A must for those who love old churches – a beautiful old church which has little houses clinging by the sides! This church is known to be a calm heaven located in the Red Light District.  It is a the perfect place to visit, if you love the Gothic-renaissance style architecture.

Plan your trip to Amsterdam and do not miss the numerous cruises offered by several agents. These include some long range as well as candlelight cruises.

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